A. W. Pink's Studies in the Scriptures, 32 volumes in 17 volumes set, hardback, 1st twelve vols only

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NOTE: The first twelve volumes are ready for shipment, the balance of the volumes will be available to be shipped to you as they are published, approximately 1 volume every 3 months. Volume 13 should ship in the summer of 2021.

This is the first 12 volumes (the first 23 years) of Pink's Studies in the Scriptures. This price per volume is the same as the regular prepub discount for the entire set.

The books of Arthur W. Pink are becoming increasingly scarce. Publishers are fast dropping doctrinally sound books like Pink, in favor of feel-good, watered down stuff.

This the first complete printing of all of Pink's works. Get them while you can, for they are a treasure, and will certainly become valuable collector's items for lovers of God's Word.

Pink was a theosophist before his conversion, and became a much traveled Baptist preacher. Now, because of his regeneration by God the Spirit, He has become noted for his many Biblically sound books. And all of those books appeared as monthly installments in his magazine, then collected into bound volumes as Studies in the Scriptures, except The Sovereignty of God.

These 33 volumes of the magazine were issued yearly for 33 years. He also taught by mail some 100 or so students during this period, besides preaching at many Bible conferences. He was a devoted, intense student of the Bible, devoting a set number of hours per day in such study. Would-be visitors were met at the door and told by Mrs. Pink, Mr. Pink is in his study. — He brooked no interruption. He had a photographic mind which carried prodigious information in it, to the point where he could not only often quote a passage, but tell you the page and the edition from which he was quoting it, though not having seen that page for years. Because of this ability it took a very brave man indeed to contradict something which Pink was teaching. For this man was capable of rolling out 50 or 60 pertinent Scripture quotations to prove his point.

Having read all the 10,000  pages of Pink, and having been taught by him for two years before his death, the Reviewer is certainly prejudiced in his favor. Nevertheless, it is our honest opinion that every one of the readers of these volumes will profit immensely from all these volumes.

First, because there are many excellent articles by outstanding authors, and from magazines and news media, that no longer can be found. This is particularly true in the first ten volumes or so, before Pink began to personally write all the articles.

Secondly, because there are hundreds of short articles by Pink, on various interesting subjects, which have not been included in any of his books. Among to be noticed are his first articles of each year, usually only a page or two, but full of meat. Some of these short articles have been printed in booklet form, but few have access to them any more. For example, The Fourfold Salvation, several booklets on the Sabbath, etc., each of which will enrich and inform the reader.

Thirdly, There are many short quotations appearing here and there full of pithy and memorable truths, for Pink was a very judicious reader who knew what would best stir the reader to further study on a subject, or on a pregnant verse of the Scriptures.

Fourthly, There have been some very injudicious editing of some of Pink's writings in the published books. Particularly to be noted is the removal of Pink's entire chapter on Reprobation from the Banner of Truth edition of The Sovereignty of God. Pink would have been justly furious about this ill-treatment because it puts him in a false position regarding what he considered a very important doctrine.

In short, you will gain considerable benefit from having ALL of Pink's writings in these 33 volumes, blessings which you would miss if you only would read his published books.

Exposition of Hebrews (he quotes the best of the best authors, including Owen, Gouge, Brown)
The Life of David (including in the SGP publication, I & II Samuel) — The Life of Elijah (much of 1 Kings) — The Life of Elisha (much of 2 Kings) — The Satisfaction of Christ (great on atonement) — The Gospel of John — Gleanings in Genesis — Gleanings in Exodus — Gleanings in Joshua — The Seven Sayings of the Saviour on the Cross —The Prayers of the Apostles —The Sermon on the Mount — The Beatitudes and the Lord's Prayer — Exposition of 1 John 1 and 2, Arthur W. Pink — The Doctrine of Human Depravity — Exposition of I & II Samuel, Matthew Henry, John  Gill, Arthur W. Pink (includes Life of David, Pink) — Practical Christianity — Pink Jewels — The Saint's Perseverance — Sanctification — The Saints' Perseverance — The Doctrine of Reconciliation — The Attributes of God — Studies in Saving Faith — The Divine Inspiration of the Scriptures — The Ten Commandments — Profiting From the Word — The Doctrine of Election — Understanding the Scriptures — and dozens of others which I cannot recall at present.

If you were able to obtain all of these in separate volumes at today's prices they would cost you much more than $1,000.00. You will not want to miss this opportunity to own this precious set, and to have it to will it to your children.

This is a Best Set in Print

Pink (1890-1953) was a Baptist Preacher in England, Australia, and the United States. He is most famous for his book The Sovereignty of God. After its advent, he, assisted by his editor Mr. I. Herendeen, launched his yearly publication, Studies in the Scriptures in 1921. These continued until his death, totaling altogether 33 volumes of 288 pp. each. Most of Pink's books are taken from these yearly volumes (written monthly in 24 page format).

The first twelve volumes are ready for shipment, the balance of the volumes will be available to be shipped to you as they are published, approximately 1 volume every 3 months. Volume 13 should ship in May 2015.

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