Classic Bible Dictionary, Volume 9 of 50 Greatest Christian Classics, Jay P. Green, Sr., hard cover

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This Bible dictionary is fast being recognized as the only truly Reformed Bible dictionary. It is thoroughly sound in the cardinal doctrines of the Bible, such as are outlined in The Westminster Confession of Faith, and, The Philadelphia [Old London] Baptist Confession of Faith. It has two articles on Baptism [infant, or believer’s]. It also has three articles on church government. It’s articles on the animals and birds of the Bible are superb, and very much up-to-date, with both scientific names and popular names. The article on archaeology is current, and is booklet size.

The pattern of Bible dictionaries is to have a few good authors, more competent ones, and a lot of solo writers. This dictionary is different because it has the best articles by the best authors in the past two centuries. For example, articles by: Warfield, Delitzsch, Fairbairn, Hengstenberg, Bonar, Girdlestone, Eadie, Bush, Young, Kitto, Fausset, Orr, Robertson, Scott, Alexander, Davis, Smith, Vos, Bruce, Clark, Murray, MacRae, Pfeiffer, Morris, Brown, Aalders, Douglas, and 130 others especially chosen for their excellence, and for their soundness in the faith. And the articles are thoroughly biblical, with not a hint of liberalism or modernism. The articles on God and Jesus Christ, etc. are lengthy, booklet sized. It supplies what one needs from a Bible dictionary. Selections were made from The Imperial Bible Dictionary, International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [1915 edition], Smith’s Bible Dictionary, Davis’ Bible Dictionary, Fausset’s Bible Dictionary, Kitto’s Cyclopedia, Brown’s Bible Dictionary [1810], and others.

Because the Bible is timeless, the major articles in a Bible dictionary are also timeless. However, the scholarly skills (and the talents to communicate them, of the best Bible scholars do add a great deal to the understanding of these articles.
This volume will be a fresh breeze of delight to those who are only familiar with the Bible dictionaries of the past fifty years. There is pure and sustained heresy in these modern dictionaries, much of it undetected due to the paucity of Bible knowledge in our times. The reader need not fear that he or she will be led astray when looking up one or many of these articles. Particularly noticeable is the attitude toward God’s Word, that it has been preserved by God the Spirit. Here there is no hint of the modern attitude that translators have a license from God to add and subtract to the Scriptures at will. Reverence may be out of date in a world that is out of step with the mind of God, but it is God’s due, and He will be the judge of our thoughts in the end.

This is Volume IX of the Series, THE FIFTY GREATEST CHRISTIAN CLASSICS, and it is the fifth of the twelve volumes planned in this Series.

This has been rated a Best Books in Print Book by every reviewer who has seen it.

Jay P. Green, Sr. (1918-) is Translator and Editor of The Interlinear Hebrew-Greek-English Bible and the translator of the Modern King James Version of the Holy Bible, The Teenage Version of the Holy Bible, and the Literal translation of the Holy Bible. He has written numerous books on textual criticism.    1120 pages, hard cover


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